A National Wood Strategy for England – how to have your say

At the Confor timber conference in London last week, Tom presented an early outline of a national wood strategy for England, and called for input to develop the plan of action. Speaking to an audience including politicians, industry and environmental… Continue Reading →

We don’t need ‘growth at any cost’

I’ve posted about the rumoured changes to ELMS policy on the Wood for the Trees blog: What we do not need is rapidly changing ideologically driven policy, that seeks to scrap previously made policy before it has even been enacted,… Continue Reading →

Transforming British Timber options

“We know it makes sense to use British wood rather than transporting timber from the other side of the world. It means less pollution, less road miles and more investment in our woodlands. We realised we could transform British-grown Ash,… Continue Reading →

A better future for our woodlands, 12 ideas to help British forests grow

Watch ‘Wood for the trees,’ for expert suggestions to help Britain’s forests grow:   Over the last two years, in a series of ten short films, I’ve spoken with experts from different perspectives and backgrounds, about the future of British… Continue Reading →

Is it thermal modification or magic?

Thermal modification is an amazing process, but it is a bit of a mouthful and takes up a lot of Twitter characters. To get around this I have taken to just describing it as ‘Magic’. It started as a flippant… Continue Reading →

British timber: an emotional rollercoaster

Last week I was invited to talk to summer school students at the Sylva Wood Centre. I was asked to talk to them about challenges and opportunities for British grown timber. This is what I told them:     You’ll… Continue Reading →

Comments on “Wood for the Trees”

Producer’s Note: This post collates a few comments about ‘Wood for the Trees,’ a series about woods, trees and tree planting from Tom Barnes and Charly Le Marchant. Wood for the Trees is on Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo, with more… Continue Reading →

Shame on Thames Water for £63k delayed botch job

It’s beyond frustrating that work at Vastern Timber has been delayed by Thames Water’s awful service. We’ve paid them over £63,000 to move their pipe, and 19 weeks into an 8 week job we have a leaky pipe and no… Continue Reading →

Wood for the Trees part 10, Rewilding

Wood for the trees is a series about trees, timber and tree planting. I’ve been working with film-maker Charly Le Marchant since 2019 on these films. It’s been fascinating to talk with experts from different backgrounds and perspectives about their… Continue Reading →

Rewilding the UK, part 10 of Wood for the Trees, coming soon

In part 10 of our series ‘Wood for the Trees’ our series producer, Charly Le Marchant, spoke with Alistair Driver. As director of Rewilding Britain he campaigns to rewild more of the UK landscape. In the film he calls for… Continue Reading →

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