At the Confor timber conference in London last week, Tom presented an early outline of a national wood strategy for England, and called for input to develop the plan of action.

Speaking to an audience including politicians, industry and environmental representatives, Tom said that at a recent forestry conference he had talked about the need for a national timber strategy.

Work is now underway to draft that strategy, and an early draft has been published on the Confor website, inviting comments from any interested parties.


The National Wood Strategy for England

The National Wood Strategy for England (NWSE) will be created by the “England Forest and Wood Based Industry Leadership Group”. This group was created and facilitated by Confor, and it currently comprises industry leaders in the wood supply chain from seed to structure, as well as representation from DEFRA, Forestry Commission and Forestry England.

The NWSE has a single focus on the planting, growing, harvesting and processing of conifer and broadleaf trees in England for the production of timber and other wood-based products, and where possible, the reuse of wood.

Tom Barnes and Andy Leitch, the Deputy Chief Executive of Confor will author the Strategy.

For more information, and to have your say, please use the link below. The deadline for submissions is 11 Jan 2023.