Filmed on 11 Jan 2020

So, that’s another day’s filming done in our series about the future of British forests, and today we’ve been talking about woodland management, what it is and why it’s important.

I’ve been lucky enough today to be joined by Dougal Driver the CEO of Grown in Britain, who’s been waxing lyrical with his normal level of enthusiasm. He’s teaching us all a little bit about why managing our woodlands is so important, and all of the good things that can come out of that.

And we’ve we’ve witnessed it in this wonderful continuous cover mixed woodland here in Berkshire.

Dougal was also talking to us about the importance of getting full benefits of wood from woodland  – and that can be social benefits or environmental benefits but also the benefits of the wonderful building material that is timber.

And we talked about the importance of making sure that we are making the most of this natural resource we have on our doorstep before we import from the rest of the world.

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